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derma-home-slider01Why did we create SilverThreads?

When you itch you live in a world that most people don’t understand. It is a world of discomfort that digs in for a while and just won’t let go. At it’s worst, your mind is filled with questions that most people can’t imagine asking: Can they see my sores right now? How can I cover them? Do they realize how hard it is for me to think straight right now? Why am I like this?

Eczema takes over your world and, if you are lucky, it may hang on for a few weeks or, if not, you may live with it for a lifetime. It can start when you are an adult or it can start when you are but a few years old. In any case, a moment of peace becomes precious, a good nights sleep is heaven. To live in the moment without ‘itching’ thoughts is only a momentary relief. To an infant or toddler it is a lapse in their crying and anxiety.

If you’ve got Eczema, or another similar skin condition, you live with ointments and creams that keep it contained and under control. If nothing else, you must keep your skin moisturized. Why not take the next step and keep that protection on your skin a little longer? SilverThreads can help. The fabric is designed by a major mill for the smoothest scratch free, skin contact available. The construction is designed with your highly sensitive skin in mind.

Help your skin recover faster. Use SilverThreads with your moisturizers and see the difference a good night’s sleep can make. Let us know how it works for you. Connect with us on Facebook and Google+