Gain Control over Your Eczema

Gain some Control over Your Severe Eczema

Sufferers of eczema or related inflammatory skin conditions struggle daily to ease their physical discomfort. The never-ending search for the perfect clothing, diet, drug, topical cream, salve or other remedy that may finally ease their discomfort is all consuming.

Skin irritation symptoms can include dry or sensitive skin, red or inflamed skin, dark colored, rough or leathery skin patches, oozing or crusting and areas of swelling. These are the visible manifestations of eczema or “the dead-giveaways” as some sufferers might say. While discussion of visible physical symptoms is often unavoidable many suffer alone with the rarely discussed emotional symptoms that affect their quality of life.

Obvious and Invisible Symptoms of Eczema

A day in the life of someone with severe eczema differs dramatically from others depending on the severity of the case. Navigating daily interactions with non-afflicted people is wrought with anxiety. When questioned about visible rashes or sores they find themselves in uncomfortable or embarrassing situations that require reserves of energy to navigate. Hiding affected areas of the body from coworkers and acquaintances becomes a challenge when eczema can strike anywhere. Many go to extremes to find comfortable clothing, often trading style for baggy garments with the most coverage—even in the hottest months. Giving up triggering activities like gym workouts, beach days or even dating is common. A full night’s sleep is almost impossible. Many complain of intense symptom flair-ups that are so bad, even pajamas and sheets cause discomfort.

Outsiders don’t see the emotional struggles caused by the illness. Sufferers report anxiety, depression, extreme shame and isolationist or anti-social tendencies as common feelings. Children who are diagnosed at a young age and display visible skin symptoms in their school years have experienced extreme shyness, diminished self-esteem and sadly, bullying from other students. Is it any wonder that so many people choose to hide their emotional struggle?

Controlling the Emotional Symptoms of Severe Eczema

If you or your child are experiencing any of the emotional symptoms described here it can help to work with a wellness coach or mental health professional. Therapists can teach you or your child strategies for maintaining a healthy mindset and preserving self-worth in the face of adversity. Journaling and meditation are counted as excellent strategies for reducing anxiety. The ultimate goal of an emotional wellness plan is to enjoy a good quality of life in spite of your eczema.

Controlling Physical Symptoms of Severe Eczema

If physical symptoms are causing sleeplessness then the impact on other mental functions is substantial. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services sleep deprivation affects daily performance at school or work, including the ability to think clearly and form memories. It impairs the ability to react quickly which can be dangerous when driving a car or operating heavy machinery. Mood can also be altered significantly which often leads to irritability, relationship problems, depression and an increase in anxiety. Children who are often unable to understand why they feel so bad can be especially vulnerable to mood swings. Other physical health implications of sleep deprivation are high risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Choosing Apparel for Eczema Relief

To alleviate the discomfort of the skin rubbing against pajamas or sheets some wear SilverThreads™ skin soothing undergarments—made from a patented fabric proven to provide relief for individuals with hyper-sensitive skin. The antimicrobial fabric has got flat seam construction, no scratchy labels and an exceptionally smooth weave that reduces irritation during movement. Other benefits include moisture management and 39% less friction on the skin. SilverThreads™ is also worn by athletes who suffer from eczema to keep irritation minimal during exertion.

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