Why SilverThreads?

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SilverThreads were created to make life easier for people with chronic skin conditions – conditions that can make everyday garments feel very irritating against their skin.  SilverThreads are ultra soft, ultra smooth and ultra light. Clinically tested to reduce itching, dryness, scaling and peeling, these garments are ideal for sensitive skin.

Made from a unique, silver ion-treated fabric, SilverThreads are lighter, smoother, softer and more breathable than anything you’ve ever worn before.

In a clinical study completed in early 2006, an expert dermatologist investigator noted that nearly 3/4 of patients reported less itching while wearing SilverThreads clothing. Less itching means SilverThreads can help break the itch/scratch cycle, a key to maintaining skin comfort.

SilverThreads clothing is worn next to the skin, and is meant to be used along with your doctor’s other prescribed treatments for chronic skin diseases, including eczema/atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, as part of your skin care routine. It’s also appropriate for patients with very sensitive skin.

SilverThreads shirts and pants can be worn as pajamas and as base layers under regular or exercise clothing

 Each SilverThreads garment:

• Helps break the itch/scratch cycle

• Is formaldehyde and dye free

• Is washer and dryer friendly

• Won’t shrink

• Comes in infant, toddler, youth, child and adult sizes

• Has tagless labels and enclosed waistbands


*Historical Trial Documentation